If your business activity dictates that you require a fire risk assessment, that is if you employ 5 or more people or by an enactment require a licence to operate then you will need a more detailed FEP and it must be recorded.

The outcome of your fire risk assessment will dictate what format the FEP will be take but whatever the case both the plan and the fire risk assessment must be available for your employees, their representatives (where appointed) and the fire service/enforcing authority to inspect.

In larger and more complex offices and shops or multi- occupied premises such as shared office buildings or light industrial units, the FEP will need to be more detailed.  It should be prepared only after consultation with other occupiers and other responsible people in the building and/or those that manage the building.

Generally, the FEP covering the whole building will be necessary after assessing the findings and results of the other tenant’s fire risk assessments.  It is normal practice then for the building owner or managing agent to produce the FEP content with other responsible persons having a degree of involvement and understanding of the process.

The Fire Emergency Plan should be appropriate to your premises and includes a wide range of topics from what action to take on discovering a fire or responding to a fire alarm to where people should a assemble, where the fire service arrive and what information they require.  The list may be lengthy or short but it is based, again, on the activity and business that is operated and the number and type of occupants that use the building

Preparing a post- fire contingency plan to determine specific actions and/or the mobilisation of specialist resources is another area of planning that requires consideration.  If a business is to return to fully operational activity then a system needs to be in place.

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You need to have a Fire Emergency Plan (FEP) for dealing with any fire or suspected fire situation and ensure that the people in your premises know what to do if there is a fire and that the premises can be safely evacuated.

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