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Everything your business needs to achieve fire safety compliance

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We provide a range of fire safety resources, skills, knowledge and experience to support virtually all businesses in achieving a fire safe environment.

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We provide everything that a business requires in respect of fire safety including fire risk assessments, training, and management support

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Philip Watkins of Hurtwood Fire Risk Management gave our Fire Wardens an excellent in-house presentation and demonstration of how to use fire-fighting equipment.  A highly professional man with vast knowledge and our new Fire Wardens felt confident after the training.

Alpha Petroleum – Petroleum Research

Hurtwood Fire Risk Management trained myself and 8 of my colleagues as fire marshalls and we all came out feeling more confidant having done so.  The training was second to none with exceptional attention to detail.  As it was I who organised the training I felt the company went out of there way to provide the best assistance and information on all fire safety issues and I would reccomend them highly to others.

BTU Heating



#Woburn #Safari Park fire kills 13 monkeys - I'm sad to announce this news report. One questions their fire safety management structure and whether it was sufficient and robust enough to avoid such an accident.

Given that the structures that animals are often kept in are of timber construction and the electrical wiring is exposed more than normal to the elements, the fire detection systems should match the risk. I, unfortunately some may say, place animals and their general welfare high up there with humans and when assessing fire risks to animals consider and advise clients the real fire risk to the animals and of being trapped given the type, size and nature of the animal.

As this is the 2nd fire in as many weeks in a zoo I feel it is appropriate that zoo owners and operators should review and re-assess their emergency plans but in particular their fire detection systems.
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Now that's a good backdraft; I like the 'jelly-fish' term that is used to demonstrate the changes in the smoke being emitted to a combination of smoke/gas look!

Backdraft Simulator- Wait for it...

Video Credit- Keith Thomas
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BLEVE - Boiling Liquid Evaporating Vapour Explosion - quite an amazing film showing the ignited vent clearly shooting out of the top of what was later, as you will see, a tank. The locals watching obviously are not aware of what is to come! ... See MoreSee Less

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9 months ago

Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd

Eynsham Fire Station
A Tribute to our Heroes. @Oxfordshirefireandrescueservice @OfficialPoppyLegion @BBCSouthNews #RethinkRemembrance
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Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd
Hurtwood Fire Risk Management LtdThursday, January 26th, 2017 at 6:13pm
£150,000 fine and suspended #prison #sentence for #Students #letting company failing to comply with #firesafety regulations. Yes, £150k fine!
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Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd
Hurtwood Fire Risk Management LtdFriday, July 1st, 2016 at 11:16am
Employees had to dodge flames after a fire gutted the pre-fabricated building of #BrickFabrications in #Pontypool in South Wales in 2014.

This has come to light following the prosecution of #BrickFabrications by South Wales Fire & Rescue Service at a court hearing on the 23rd May 2016 where the company was found guilty of eight breaches of The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The significant findings of their fire risk assessment had not been acted upon and some workers had brave smoke and flames to escape from the building. The recommendations in the risk assessment stated, amongst other things, that an automatic fire detection was required to alert employees of a fire but the company failed to act upon this. The fire, started by sparks from an angle grinder igniting residual cleaning fluid, quickly spread around the building but the efforts of employees to shout out that there was a fire was insufficiently loud enough for some to hear. The fire detection and alarm system would have resolved the problem.

#BrickFoundations were #fined £23,350 plus costs.

It is common amongst businesses that don't really appreciate or read their fire risk assessment that it is not a certificate of compliance but a report of the standard and quality of fire safety in their premises. Any issues or concerns raised are then highlighted in the significant findings with an action plan that has different levels of priority. It is then up to the #ResponsiblePerson or someone with that delegated responsibility, to act upon those findings either resolving the problems and/or appointing a #CompetentPerson to resolve them. The fire risk assessment is then suitably endorsed and an indication of how the problems were resolved.
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Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd
Hurtwood Fire Risk Management LtdFriday, July 1st, 2016 at 10:06am
#Nightclub owner #NathanJones who runs the #VanillaBar in Blackwood and lives in #SpringfieldVilla in #Pontypool, was found guilty of two charges (Article 27 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) at the #CwbranMagistratesCourt on June 13th of the of ignoring fire service requests and not co-operating adequately with the fire service (South Wales Fire & Rescue Service) to complete safety investigations under the Fire Safety Order. He was ordered to pay over £8,000 in fines and costs.

The solicitor acting for Mr Jones and his company, #19StepsLtd, suggested that the fire service should attend the premises themselves and seek the information, which was rejected on the grounds that the premises had a court closure order on it, and that it was unreasonable to expect fire officers to locate material which could easily be identified by the company.

Judge Harmes said: “There is a public interest of a high level to assist Fire Service Regulations. Mr Jones’ offer through his solicitor is not sufficient. Judge Harmes went on to say that “In my opinion it is not the fire service’s job to sift through countless files and paperwork and your offer to provide the information is a sham facilitation.”
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Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd
Hurtwood Fire Risk Management LtdFriday, July 1st, 2016 at 9:42am
‪#‎DevoniaCareHome‬ in ‪#Southbourne‬, ‪#‎Emsworth‬, risked the lives of its residents which resulted in fines and costs of just under fines of just under £5,000 after West Sussex Fire & Rescue became aware of failings in their fire safety and took enforcement action resulting in a prohibition notice when they failed to comply with the enforcement notice.
Some of the concerns related to an inadequate safe and efficient evacuation plan, especially for non-mobile patients on the first floor; inadequate fire doors, fire safety plans and risk assessments.
The owner Helen Green appeared before Worthing Magistrates Court on Friday, June 24, for failing to comply with enforcement and prohibition notices and was ordered to pay £1,500 costs for failing to comply with an enforcement notice and £1,500 for failing to comply with a prohibition notice. In addition she was also ordered to pay £1,824 towards prosecution costs, along with a £120 surcharge.
The care home closed down after failing an unannounced inspection by the Care Quality Commission in March this year
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Hurtwood Fire Risk Management Ltd
Hurtwood Fire Risk Management LtdFriday, May 27th, 2016 at 8:17am
#Online   #Fire   #Safety   #Training  rates have been considerably reduced! Other courses include #COSHH  and #foodsafety  training packages. Take a look now at:-
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