33 people have been rescued but unfortunately two died in a serious fire in a residential care home fire in Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire.

Three others are suffering from other injuries believed to be smoke inhalation.

The fire service attended early Saturday morning at approximately 0600 hrs and discovered Newgrange Residential Care home well alight and were immediately confronted with multiple rescues.   Eventually 12 fire appliances were in attendance as fire spread through the roof voids.

Fire precautions are very stringent in care homes and the detection systems should identify very quickly a fire and structured investigations by staff and evacuation procedures should follow.

Often, an initial horizontal evacuation strategy is adopted to remove all residents in immediate danger this is then followed by an attempt to fight the fire or alternatively contain the fire whilst further evacuation takes place.  The principle being to restrict the fire to the room of origin and contain it there for the fire service to extinguish.

The building design appears to be modern and it would be expected that the passive and active fire safety precautions provided would be robust and current.

Fatal fire

Newgrange Care Home

How the fire spread so rapidly and affected so many is a mystery but investigations will reveal exactly what happened.

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