Late Saturday night Staffordshire Fire & Rescue attended a fire in Ashby Road, Tamworth to Standon House a three storey residential care home.

All 25 residents were evacuated but two were left with serious injuries and a further 6 taken to hospital for further investigations likely to be the effects of smoke inhalation.

The photos indicate that the fire may well have originated on the ground floor spreading to the first floor very quickly.

Care homes are inherently high risk due to the large number and vulnerability of the residents in one building.   Early fire detection is necessary and a high standard of fire compartmentation is of significant importance to contain the fire.

This allows staff to initially remove residents from their rooms within, typically a corridor, to a temporary safe location within the building, often on the same floor level, and then move them further on to an ultimate place of safety outside.   A quick review is then completed to assess if more should be evacuated.

Equally important is a strict and robust fire evacuation plan that all staff practice and understand.

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