The LFB (London Fire Brigade) reports that there is one fire per day in London that involves white goods i.e. fridge, freezers, dishwashers, tumble dryers and alike and they are making concerted efforts to reduce this. This isn’t human error but often defects in the appliances.  These problems can go unnoticed for years but by compiling a register hopefully manufacturers will take note.

In particular one of their drives is to replace the use of flammable plastic materials that are often used as backings on the rear of fridges/freezers with either metal or fire retardant materials.  SEE FILM FOOTAGE BELOW OF THE SPEED AT WHICH NON-FIRE RETARDANT PLASTICS CAN BURN.

One approach they’ve adopted is by initiating a public online reporting system to register problems which will then be forwarded to manufacturers and distributors called #TotalRecall, access it here:-

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