At around 4.30 pm today #Glasgow fire crews were called to Japanese Auto Parts on Helen Street in the #Govan area of #Glasgow and were confronted by a well established and substantial scrap yard fire involving a wide range of scrap motor vehicles and parts.

It is imperative at fires on sites such as these that any suspected or confirmed fire is dealt with rapidly by local staff to prevent the very fast and almost uncontrollable spread to the remaining scrap materials.

If the fire is allowed to take hold it spreads rapidly between the scrap that usually contains a wide range of combustible car parts such as upholstery, plastics, rubber, man-made mineral fibres (#MMMF’s typically found in aircraft.  Then there are the oils, greases, diesel and petroleum deposits spread amongst the metal work.   All of these products are produced in a fire and can be seen on the video footage shown as the dark, dense and fast rising plumes of smoke; both toxic and harmful to the environment.

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