Police initiated a major incident in Purfleet, Essex last night as five lorries carrying 45,000 litres of petroleum and diesel were involved in a fire on an industrial estate in Botany Way.

Essex Fire & Rescue attended the incident which started at around 2145 hrs Wednesday night at Botany Way.  Not only extinguishing the fire but containing the resultant firefighting water run-off was one of many challenges the fire service had.  Preventing the contaminated water entering the drainage and water systems is of paramount importance to prevent any long term damaging environmental effects on the local water system, mainly the River Thames nearby.

The fire is now out; Essex Fire & Rescue service carried out an amazing job in bringing the fire so quickly under control.   The cause of the fire has not been established.   Although local rail services were affected by the smoke, it is understood that all services are now back to normal as of 0700 hrs this morning

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