Attended by about 1000 children at a Paris Carnival in Villepinte near the Charles de Gaulle airport, over 20 people were injured, some seriously, in an explosion when a timber and straw structure was ignited during a Caribbean carnival called the Yellow Carnival

The fire and explosion, which can be seen on the video, was substantial but is believed to be an accident.  The person that lit the fire was thrown several feet and ignited debris was thrown amongst the crowd.

There were a range of injuries and a mother and her child were among the worst casualties but none are believed to be life-threatening.

As to why it exploded, speculation suggests that flammable gas was used to accelerate the fire but the explosion may well have been caused by using petrol.   The flammable vapour may well have been added, allowed to mix with the air and dissipate providing an ideal and readily available explosive flammable mixture ready to

receive an ignition source supplied by the naked flame.

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